Greenland Connect Nord & Greenland Connect


Unified OTN Platform support flexible electrical-layer services grooming in two cable systems.
Monitor & manage submerged facilities (RPT,BU) on existing cable via innovative SLM.

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  • GCN:
  • Unrepeatered system, link Nuuk to three northern cities in Greenland, 673km in total 
  • Max. line segment reaches 495km
  • Achieve large capacity (30+chs) transmission on the ultra long hop segment (420km) with ROPA technology
  • GC:
  • Full SLTE Swap with 64chs×100G on GC system, spanning 4,733 km, from Iceland, Greenland to Canada
  • RFS: May, 2017 for GC / Oct.,2017 for GCN

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