Huawei Marine Features at the Submarine Cable Industry—SubOptic 2019 Conference

With the theme of 10 Years Growth with Gratitude, Huawei Marine has had a significant presence at SubOptic 2019 in New Orleans, USA. This is the largest event in the submarine communications industry, which Huawei Marine has attended for the fourth time.

During this exhibition, our industry experts have presented insight into Networks for the Future with a presentation titled "Nested Network Topology for Flexible Extension." This networking model allows flexible network expansion allowing future access of new platforms.

(Oral Presentation by Zhang Shoujun)

Our tenth anniversary video played on the screen of Huawei Marine Booth highlighting the achievements we have made in the past decade. Another highlight is the first exhibition of our new 16fp Repeater, featuring innovative carbon fibre materials, but also a next-generation Novel Pump Structure for SDM Repeaters. These highlights attracted many industry attendees who visited and discussed with Huawei Marine experts, future developments of the industry.

(Huawei Marine Booth at SubOptic2019)

Over the past decade, Huawei Marine have continued to innovate and achieve many industry “firsts” As the leading paper contributor, we shared the latest R&D developments with 19 technical papers.

(Poster Session of SubOptic2019)

Mike Constable, Chief Executive of Huawei Marine said: “As a diamond sponsor, Huawei Marine is honored to once again support this year's premier industry conference. I’d like to thank the organizers and all participants for the informative, robust discussions and look forward to hosting the event in Macau in 2022.

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