Network Management System (NMS) - iManager U2000

The iManager U2000 is a powerful network management system for both terrestrial systems and submarine cable systems.

A unified administration platform for all network elements

It provides a unified administration platform for all network elements, including NPEs, SLTEs, SLMs, and PFEs. By seamlessly integrating the administration of all network elements, the iManager U2000 allows customers to easily handle all routine operation and maintenance.

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Network Topology Browsing
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Optical Spectrum Analyser

Key Features:

  • High security and reliability based on network and system architecture.
  • Fast and intuitive alarm browsing, based on network topology, the alarm panel, and the unit's panel.
  • Provides spectrum performance trend analysis and quality threshold alarms for preventive maintenance.
  • Supports both automatic and manual adjustment of optical power.
  • Supports operations including the creation and deletion of fibre connections, the configuration of boards and fibres, and the checking of alarm and wavelength information.
  • Supports external notification for key alarms, allowing users to understand real-time network failures.
  • Supports step-by-step fault location, accelerating fault resolution.

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