Open Cable Access Equipment(OCAE)

The SLM 1630 is an open cable access equipment (OCAE) that is used to manage the working states of wet plant systems and to locate faults. 

Two working modes to monitor wet plant and locating failure points

Placed in a cable landing station (CLS), the SLM 1630 manages the fibre state, repeater state, and the general transmission performance remotely by using coherent optical time-domain reflectometry (COTDR) technology. All the information monitored by the SLM 1630 is reported to the NMS and can be easily queried by operation staff.

The SLM 1630 has two working modes, which fully meet the requirements of monitoring repeaters and locating failure points. 

In-service performance monitoring: 

Working in the in-service mode, the SLM 1630 can manage the performance of repeaters without affecting the traffic. The repeater performance can be queried on the NMS and provides a general overview of the system status.  

Out-of-service fault location: 

Working in the out-of-service mode, the SLM 1630 can locate failures of the system easily without any additional COTDR equipment. Location information includes not only the span information, but also the accurate distance from the CLS to failure point. 

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The advantages of SLM 1630 are as following:

2 woking modes

Supports in-service performance monitoring mode and out-of-service fault location

Transoceanic monitoring

Monitors distances of up to 16,000 km, across 32 fibre pairs

High Accuracy

Provides automatic fault diagnostics and location, accurate to ±0.1 km

Fast fault locating

Locates a faulty span within 15 minutes

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