Remote Optical Pumping Amplifier (ROPA)

The ROPA 1620 is used to extend transmission distance in unrepeatered submarine cable systems. It couples the pump light and signal light sent from the remote end into the gain medium erbium-doped fibre to stimulate signal light amplification, passively regenerating optical signals. The pump light generated by the pumping source in the SLTE transmits over the submarine fibre to the ROPA 1620 integrated on the suabmarine cable to supply pump energy for the gain medium of the ROPA.

Optical amplification

The ROPA 1620 applies proven remote optical pumping amplifier (ROPA) technologies to the unrepeatered submarine system to amplify the degraded optical signals of the C-band and extended C-band.

Flexible application scenarios

The ROPA 1620 can be customized to support up to 12 fibre pairs to meet the requirements of different customers and investments.

High reliability

The ROPA 1620 is produced under a strictly controlled manufacturing process. It provides high quality performance over a design life of 25 years.

Mechanical design

The ROPA 1620 is equipped with pressure housing and perfect sealing design, making it capable of withstanding pressure water depths of up to 8000 m.

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ROPA 1620
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