Branching Unit - BU 1650 Product Series

BU 1650 products enable fibre pairs to be split off to multiple destinations in a submarine network system. 

Enable the flexible submarine networks both on optical domain and electronical domain

These products support fibre add-and-drop connectivity and Optical Add-Drop Multiplexing (OADM) in the optical domain, and support passive connectivity and power switching functions in the electrical domain. 

Optical Routing

The BU 1650 flexibly provides the full fibre pair routing function and optical add and drop multiplexing (OADM) function to meet the specific requirements of the system.

Power Switch

The power configuration status of the BU 1650 can be changed, providing more flexibility to system power configurations.

High Reliability

The BU 1650 adopts both well-proven components and an appropriate redundant design for high reliability. The BU 1650 is manufactured under a severe process control. Within these guidelines, the BU 1650 can provide high quality performance throughout a design life of 25 years.

Mechanical Design

BU 1650 has a small body and a light weight due to its unique compact structure, allowing easy transport and installation. The Power Switch BU 1650, with sea case and perfect sealing, is capable of withstanding pressure at water depths of up to 8000 m. The BU 1650 adopts Universal Joint (UJ) technology and can be connected to all types of UJ-certified submarine cables. 

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Passive BU
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Power Switch BU


Optical Specification
Item Unit Passive BU Power switch BU
Maximum Fibre Pair FP 24 16
Electrical Specification
Item Unit Passive BU
Power switch BU
Nominal Operating Current A 0.65
Maximum working voltage
V 10,000
Mechanical Specification
Item Unit Passive BU
Power switch BU
Weight in air (excluding tailed cable) Kg 386 400
Housing Diameter mm 400 220
Overall Length mm 3,600 5,100
Rigid body length
mm 1,400 1,600
Allowed cable type
 - Any UJ-certified cable
Supplied tailed for connection to any UJ certified cable
Earth Electrode
 - Main Body
Environmental Specification
Item Unit Passive BU
Power switch BU
Maximum Deployment Depth m 6,000  8,000
Design Life year 25

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