Repeater - RPT 1660 Product Series

Huawei Marine is the only supplier to offer two bespoke EDFA repeater products, each addressing a niche application within our repeatered solutions. Our 2FP Repeater is ideal for low-cost regional cable systems up to 2 fibre pairs. And our 8FP Repeater is ideal for trans-oceanic cable systems or regional cable systems up to 8 fibre pairs.

Slimmest and lightest design in the industry facilitates effective engineering

Our solution leverages Huawei Marine's SLM 1630 and Network Management System- iManager U2000 to provide an integrated line monitoring function that allows you to monitor real-time system performance. This facilitates rapid, accurate fault location to accelerate response times in the event of a network outage.

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8FP RPT: Enable connectivity up to 14,000km
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2FP RPT: Most economic repeater for regional cable systems

Key Features

  • Huge capacity: 39nm wide and flat operating bandwidth, up to 8 fibre pairs
  • Ultra long distance: high boost power and low noise allow repeater spans of up to 150km, supporting a transmission distance of up to 14,000 km
  • Effective engineering: slimmest and lightest design in the industry facilitates ease of handling and simultaneous lay and burial, providing substantial deployment cost savings; innovative titanium alloy housing also provides exceptional corrosion resistance
  • Deep application: high hermetization and high water pressure resistance, submersible to depths of 8,000m


Optical Specification
Item Unit 2FP RPT 8FP RPT
Maximum Fibre Pair FP 2 8
Operating Bandwidth nm 33   39
Nominal Output Power dBm 16 22.5
Nominal Noise Figure dB 4.5
Electrical Specification
Item Unit 2FP RPT
Nominal Operating Current A 0.65
Voltage Drop Across Repeater V 17V/2FP  31V/2FP
Power Feeding Polarity - Bipolar
Mechanical Specification
Item Unit 2FP RPT
Weight in air (excluding tailed cable) Kg 88 245
Housing Diameter mm 140 220
Overall Length (buffer to buffer) mm 2800 4400
Environmental Specification
Item Unit 2FP RPT
Maximum Deployment Depth m 8,000
Design Life year 25
The wavelength range that the repeater can operate includes the wavelength of the SLM 1630.
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