New Build System Solution

With state-of-the-art technologies and attentive services, Huawei Marine has the capability to build huge capacity, high reliable and cost-effective submarine cable systems for customers to meet different requirements.

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Typical new build system solution process


The advantages of new build submarine cable system from Huawei Marine are as following:

Large bandwidth

Up to 25.6Tbit/s capacity per fibre pair

Global operation

Global presence to endure fast response

25 years lifecycle

High reliability with redundant design and network protection

Highly Configurable

Seamless integration with existing networks and unified NMS

Repeatered Submarine Cable Solution

Ideal for huge capacity ultra long-haul trans-oceanic networks and intra-regional networks.
Maximum transmission distance
400G×64Ch×16Fps Capacity
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Typical Repeatered System Network Topology

Main Product Used

The SLTE provides huge transmission capacity, ultra long-haul transmission and multiple service acess.

The OCAE manage the performance of wet-plant systems. It integrates with the NMS to provide real time network performance information.

The NMS provide a unified administration platform for all network elements, including SLTE, SLM and PFE. 

The PFE provides the high current electricity for the amplifiers in the repeaters to achieve long-haul transmission.

The repeaters amplifier the optical signal, with 39.5 nm operating bandwidth and support repeatered systems up to 16 fibre pairs. 

The BU products enable either fibre pairs or wavelengths to be split off to multiple destinations in a submarine network system.

The submarine cable is an optical cable that carry the signals, with multi protection types to suit seabed environment.

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Unrepeatered Submarine Cable Solution

Cost-effective alternative of microwave and satellite in short-distance connections scenario. 
Maximum transmission distance
Commercial application record by HMN
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Typical Unrepeatered System Network Topology

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