A Comprehensive Submarine Cable System Supplier

As a professional submarine cable solution supplier, Huawei Marine focuses on customer requirements and specializes in providing customers with the optimal products, solutions and services. Huawei Marine provides complete network equipment for submarine cable systems including SLTEs, OCAE, NPEs, NCE, Repeaters, and BUs. All installation services, including desktop study, system design, route survey, installation, training and maintenance are also in our business scope. This contract mode covers all aspects of the project, reducing the CAPEX and risks for customers.

Huawei Marine is a leading provider of reliable, cost-effective turnkey submarine-network solutions on a global scale. We offer end-to-end project development solutions, including business planning, system design, construction, and commissioning. We ensure continued peace of mind by providing technical support and system upgrades, including wavelength, dark fibre, and full system SLTE replacement upgrades.


The advantages of Huawei Marine as vendor are as following:


We  provides clear plan of work and regular reviews


we coordinate all third parties to reduce risk and ensure on-time delivery


We provide comprehensive charts and data for operation and maintenance


Flexible, scalable network equipment meeting your current and future needs


On-going focus and commitment to customer support


Business feasibility study, financing service is on requirement