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HMN TAC (Customer Support) provides customers with 24h online technical service. For emergency incidents, please contact us through the hot line, and HMN TAC will respond quickly. You can use the public mailbox to describe the problem in detail. If you have the TAC account, we recommend that you also contact us by creating a technical service request on the Huawei Marine TAC system, our troubleshooting ticket system.

Hot Line: +86 10 56592333;

Public E-mail:;

TAC System:;

Maintenance Flow

HMN uses the TAC system to provide the maintenance services for customer. This part describes the maintenance flow.

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Case Study

The troubleshooting cases summarized by HMN is used for customer to learn the troubleshooting procedures and solutions.

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Key Teammember

Our experienced members have been engaged in the delivery and maintenance of submarine cable networks for many years who focused on providing the best technical service for customer.

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