The Key Team Members of Technical Service Department

These are the key members of Technical Service Dept., and have a lot of experience in submarine cable system management and delivery.

Luigi Wu

Director of Technical Service Department

Luigi is the director of technical service department, he has worked for telecom industry for more than 10 years. 
With the experience at nearly all directions such as Transmission, Access Network, Wireless (2G/3G/4G), Core Network, Data communication, and so on.  
Have the manager experience at nearly all type of delivery domain such as project delivery, maintenance delivery, service sales, IPD deployment.  
Has more than 2 years’ TAC experience. 
Has more than 5 years’ experience to lead the team with 30+ members. 
Be PD or PM for more than 5 ‘level A’ project of Huawei/HMN. Be TD or TM for more than 5 ‘level A’ project of Huawei/HMN which the complexity of the network is more than one sort of equipment. 
Have ever worked at Asia, Europe, Africa, Middle East, have adequately experience of cross-cultural communication.

Lyman Shi

Director of Technical Management Office 

Mr. Shi joined Huawei in 2001 as an optical and system engineer of optical transmission network in Huawei. He joined Huawei Marine in 2008 when Huawei Marine was founded. Lyman has been the lead of system integration department within R&D, responsible for the system simulation and design, system transmission experiment, technical support to marketing. More recently Lyman has been contributing to the submarine cable project delivery as the lead of technical management all through the turnkey project delivery activities.
Lyman Shi has solid background in terrestrial and submarine fiber-optic communication cable system, precision instruments and mechanology, with strong emphasis on the technical management of system design, system testing, integration of terrestrial and submarine cable system. 
He has been worked on the following projects:
Med-Nautilus Upgrade (Field commissioning and testing)
Level 3 Yellow Cable Upgrade (Field commissioning testing and acceptance)
SGSCS (Integration manager, Onboard Rep during marine installation)
FCSS (Technical management, On-site delivery and acceptance)
NCSCS (Technical management, Cable, TSE FAT)
MCT (Technical management)

Derek Meng

Director of Upgrade Project Management Office 

Derek Meng has more than 15 years advanced experience in telecommunication industry. He joined Huawei in 1999 as a technical engineer of optical transmission network in Huawei. He joined Huawei Marine in 2016 as a project director. More recently Derek has been contributing to the submarine upgrade project delivery as the lead of project manager office.
Strong knowledge of Optical Transmission networks, such as SDH, SONET, DWDM, ATM, IP, Ethernet, ASON. Extensive optical network design capability with long haul DWDM design, E2E MSTP& ASON network design.
Project Leadership, People communication Skills & technical problem solving. Deep knowledge of PMP processes and practice.
Extensive experience with Huawei Product Development activities, including Huawei IPD process (Integrated Product Development process), product lifecycle management.
China Telecom/China Mobile/China Unicom Transmission Network (Technical support Engineer)
Transtelecom ULH-DWDM (Technical Director) 
Hibernia Atlantic submarine network upgrade (Technical Manager)
TATA WDC-NYC and CA DWDM (Technial manger)
Tyco TPE network upgrade (Technical manager)
Level 3 40G National Network (Project manager)
SGSCS Upgrade (Project Manager)
Greenland GCN&GCN (Project Manger)
Huawei OptiX Metro product (Metro 500, Metro 1000, Metro 3000) (TSD Manager)
Huawei CIS Technical Service Dept (TAC manager)
Huawei USA Technical Service Department (Network Technical Manager)
Huawei Globe Technical Service Department (Marketing Manager)

Brian Liu

Solution Sales Manager

Mr. Liu joined the company as an optical system engineer in 2008 when Huawei Marine Networks was founded,participating in the end-to-end delivery of submarine cable projects, who was mainly responsible for the marketing technical support, terminal equipment commissioning and project maintenance work. Currently he is in the Technical Services Department, who is mainly responsible for market technical support, project technical management and project maintenance management. He has extensive experience in the delivery and technical management of terrestrial and submarine cable systems. 
He participated in the delivery of the following projects:
Hannibal: (On,board Rep during marine installation and field commissioning and acceptance)
MKCS: (Cable, TSE FAT) 
SGSCS: (Field commissioning and acceptance) 
EPEG: (Field commissioning and acceptance) 
TIS: (Project management and field commissioning and acceptance)
WACS: (Bidding, technical management, and field commissioning and acceptance)
SAIL: (Technical management, TSE FAT and field commissioning and acceptance)

Liu Hao

Technical Manager

Mr. Liuhao joined Huawei in 2008, where he began with ultra-long haul transmission research and test in R&D. In the past recent years, he was involved in many field trials and on-site delivery in varied submarine projects.  
Currently Liuhao works as the role of technical manager in project delivery team of Huawei Marine Networks, takes technical owner’s responsibilities for project implementation.
With Huawei Marine Networks, Liuhao has been working on the following projects:
SGSCS (Equipment FAT, on-site testing and commissioning), 2009~2010
NCSCS (Cable FAT, onboard rep), 2015
FCSS (on-site testing and commissioning), 2013
Silphium (Equipment and Cable FAT, on-site testing and commissioning), 2012
SACON (cable FAT, loading supervisor), 2016
CEIBA2 (FAT, on-site testing and commissioning), 2016
BDM (fault location and network optimization), 2015
TLK 3rd Upgrade (on-site commissioning), 2013
POI (Lab demonstration and Equipment FAT), 2012
WACS (Field Trial), AC-1 (Field Trial), SWM3 (Field Trial), APCN2 (Field Trial)

Kim Xu
Technical Manager

Mr. Xu joined HMN in 2009, where he is now involved in technical service dept. within HMN. He has been responsible for technical delivery on several projects. He focus on dry plant(SLTE/SLM FAT, installation, acceptance and commission), submersible plant(cable/RPT/BU qualification, acceptance, integration and installation), technical management(technical solution, system acceptance and technical risk management).
Within HMN, Kim has been working on the following projects.
SAS1 Upgrade (on site testing and commissioning)
Globe-cable (plant audit and FAT)
WACS Upgrade (on site testing and commissioning)
NaSCOM (site survey, system solution, FAT, commissioning and technical management)
DSCN Upgrade (site survey, upgrade solution, FAT, commissioning and project management)
SEAX1 (cable plant audit, system solution, acceptance and technical management)
PNG (cable plant audit, technical management)

Liu Shucai

Technical Manager

Liu Shucai, joined in Technical Service Dept of HMN in 2014, which responsible for CLS equipments installation & commissioning, supervising submarine cable system integration and test. He has been working in telecom field for more than 15 years, be familiar with SLTE, NPE, SLM, NMS, submarine cable system. Now he works on position of technical management, SLTE & NPE equipments network design. 
His project experience in HMN:
WACS (Equipment FAT, on site installation/commissioning/test)
CAT trial  (SLM R3 trial test)
G2A (Equipment FAT, cable loading, DCN design)
Hainan fast line (Technical Manager, FAT, cable loading, on site installation/commissioning/test)
Palapa (Shore end work, BJ & CTC integration)

Paul Su

Technical Manager

Paul, joined HMN in 2010, now is involved in technical management of submarine turnkey, and also upgrade systems, which include reviewing of contract on technical clauses, laying down relevant acceptance strategies, field delivery, and risk management. He has been a technical manager for several projects and has experience on many projects commissioning as well, such as Lab Demon, FAT Test on dry plant and wet plant, Integration Test, Cable Laying Test, System On-site commissioning, etc.
Within HMN, Paul has been working on the following projects:
KC 100G upgrade (2017, technical manager)
Palapa Middle (2017, technical manager)
Palapa West  (2017, technical manager)
MCT (2016, technical manager)
Maldives Relocation (2016, offshore supervisor) 
PVOLP (2015, technical manager)
FCSS  (2014, On-site commissioning)
Hibernia Field Trial (2014, On-site testing)
Oman (2013, offshore supervisor)
TATA Field Trail (2012, On-site testing)
Globe Project (2012, On-site commissioning)
SASII project (2011, On-site commissioning)
SASI upgrade project (2011, On-site commissioning)

Neil Lin

Technical Manager

Mr.Neil Lin joined HMN technical service department in 2011, with master degree in optical communication major, where he is involved in submarine project delivery, normally acted as TD/TM to be responsible for the technical delivery solution design and project techinical delivery implementation, including terminal station installation and segment commissioning and system acceptance test. He has sufficient experience and knowledge in product SLTE/SIE/NMS/SLM/PFE and unrepeatered/repeatered submarine system. And he has deliveryed many submarine projects, including WACS Upgrade#1 project (West Africa cable system, which has 11,400km long distance link and involves 14 countries) and GC/GCN project (Greenland Connection / Greenland Connection North, which is an open cable system with 495km long haul unrepeater segment). 
He also participated in submarine network maintenance in HMN before. And more recently, he also acted as project manager to delivey submarine project with project management ability. 
Within HMN, Neil Lin was involved in below projects delivery or maintenane:
GC/GCN (Technical Designer)
WACS Upgrade#1 (Technical Manager)
EPEG (Technical Engineer)
TIS (Technical Engineer)
BDM (Technical Engineer)
FCSS (Technical Engineer)
TSE (Maintenance)
SGSCS (Maintenance)

Hupper Wang

Technical Service Manager

Mr. Wang joined Huawei Marine Networks in 2013, he has worked on Integrated System Test, Power Feeding System Test and Project Delivery. With the increasing of technical ability, Mr. Wang has been appointed in a number of turnkey projects as technical manager. He is very experienced technical expert especially on Power Feeding System.  More recently Mr. Wang works not only as a technical manager, but also a lead of the maintenance team. His project experience in HMN:
TIS Segment B Project Upgrade 
NCSCS (Field Engineer) 
MCT (Technical Management)
CEIBA-2 (Technical Management)
SAIL (Technical Management)
SEAX-1 (Technical Management)