Type A Training

Type A training is a formal training course for staff of the customer to take at the Huawei Global Training Center. This training is for staff with a high level technical background, and who have administrative and supervisory responsibilities in the network system.

The training is academic. It will help trainees to understand the design philosophy of line segments and the overall system down to the component level, to analyze system performance and to obtain information for performance maintenance throughout the system's design life cycle.

This training also has a practical part, which involves operating the same type of equipment (i.e. computer with MC software) and maintenance test equipment as those provided in the contract.

Progress tests will be conducted to assess the effectiveness of the training both during the Type A course and at the end of the course.

No. Time Course     Method

  AM Overall System Design      Lecture
  2   PM PFE/SLM      Lecture

  PM Wet Plants (RPT/BU/Cable/Joint)      Lecture
  4   PM OptiX NG WDM Network Design Basic Training      Lecture
  5   AM OptiX OSN 8800 Hardware Description      Lecture
  6   PM OptiX NG WDM Common Data Configuration      Practice
  7   AM OptiX NG WDM Common Data Configuration      Practice
  8   PM  OptiX OSN 3800/6800/8800 NMS Side Operation and Maintenance  Lecture/Demo
  9   AM  iManager U2000-T System Introduction  Lecture/Demo
 10   PM  Test
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