SLM 1630 V1R2

Equipment Introduction

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Using the principle of coherent detection, a maximum line length of 14000 km is supported. Under the R2 solution, the dynamic range is 20dB. This is the equivalent of 100 km visible distance when optical fiber attenuation is 0.2 dB/km.

Function&Application Scenarios

The SLM 1630 is used to monitor the working state of wet plant systems and to locate faults. In a system with repeaters, the SLM 1630 can monitor the gain of the repeater and locate fault positions by analyzing back-scattered signals. The SLM 1630 reports performance events and fault locating information to the network management system. These can then can be queried on the NMS. If there is a power switch BU (PSBU) in the submarine network, the SLM 1630 can also control the polarity of the switch.