A comprehensive submarine cable system supplier

As a professional submarine cable solution supplier, Huawei Marine focuses on customer requirements and specializes in providing the best products, solutions and services to customers. Huawei Marine not only provides all the equipments such as SLTE, SLM, NPE, NMS, Repeater, and BU in submarine cable systems, but also helps customers to conduct all the other services, including desktop study, system design, route survey, installation, training and maintenance. This contract mode covers all aspects of the project so as to reduce the CAPEX and risks for customers.


  • Building new submarine cable system

    Huawei Marine provides turnkey solutions for new-built submarine cable systems, including repeatered and unrepeatered. With the sustaining development and  innovation, the solutions from Huawei Marine can not only meet the requirement for reliability and capacity, but also have the advantages of energy saving and cost-effective.

  • Upgrade existing submarine cable system

    Regardless of the original suppliers of the existing system, Huawei Marine's solutions are suitable for all situations and bring the maximum benefit to its customers.


  • Desktop Study

    Huawei Marine could handle the Desktop Study for most of areas. Based on the experienced industry experts, the leading submarine route design software (Geocable) and accumulated database, Huawei Marine can provide the comprehensive and impersonal Desktop Study report for customers. Normally, this process includes the selection of landing points, the research of the marine terrain and hydrology, the assessment of risks for marine activity, the analysis of environmental factors, and also the permit acquirement. Visiting local officials could also be considered if necessary.

  • System Design 

    Based on the result of Desktop Study, and fully considering the customer requirements, Huawei Marine could design the detailed specification for the whole submarine network including the cable type selection, fiber configuration, number and types of the repeaters, configuration of terminal equipment, monitor and management of the network, etc. Huawei Marine provides the best System Design balancing the performance against the cost for customers.

  • Route Survey

    The route survey plays an important part in the process of delivery, and it is the foundation of the final route. Huawei Marine designs the system route based on these factors from route survey, such as water depth, soil conditions, submarine terrain, and etc. Combined with the information from Desktop Study and Route Survey, Huawei Marine can identify most of the hazards from environment and human activities and choose the best route for the system. What's more, the cable type will also be reviewed according to the result of survey. The appropriate cable selection can enhance the system reliability while also reduce the cost. 

  • Installation 

    The installation of the system can be divided into two parts, the land installation and marine installation. Huawei Marine can gather the most human resources and installation equipments to accomplish this work including the construction of the beach manhole, the burial of the land cable, installation of the terminal equipment. What's more, the construction of the cable landing station can also be carried out if needed. Huawei Marine could handle Route Clearance, Cable Through and Cable depth-burial by the excellent partnership with the leading marine operators.

  • Training 

    Huawei Marine's technical training is oriented to global customers and focuses on the challenges they faced. The training delivers highly competitive training solution of submarine cable communication technology, assisting the customers of building up leading capability of submarine cable network operation. As a credible accelerator for customer enterprise and talent development, Huawei Marine's technical training is dedicated to reducing customer OPEX and continuously creating more value for the customers.

  • Maintenance 

    As to the terrestrial terminal equipment, Huawei Marine provides 3-level technical support system based on parent Huawei, ensuring the support to the system maintenance. As to the submarine equipment, Huawei Marine can provide series maintenance options for customers based on parent Global Marine. Customers can also get marine maintenance services from the nearest Cable Maintenance Agreement (CMA).