[Hangzhou, China, October 17, 2017] Huawei Marine has hosted the 3rd Asia Pacific Submarine Networks Forum in Hangzhou with the theme: “Developing ICT Hubs: Make Submarine Cables a Strategic Asset”. This year’s forum discussed the submarine cable industry’s role as a key facilitator of Asia-Pacific ICT development. The forum was attended by over 200 delegates, including: Chinese and ASEAN government regulators, submarine telecom operators, the investment community, solutions providers, and industry analysts.
Meeting the two month scheduled installation on time and on budget, Belize Telemedia Ltd (BTL) and Huawei Marine are pleased to announce the successful delivery of BTL’s Strategic Evolution Underwater Link (SEUL) project, bringing fiber-optic submarine cable connectivity to San Pedro, Ambergris Caye. Stretching over 23km from the Belize mainland to the Caye, this fiber optic connectivity will be integral in the delivery of world class, lightning fast broadband speeds to the island.
Huawei Marine today announced that it has signed a contract with the Solomon Island Submarine Cable Company (SISCC) to construct the first submarine cable in the Solomon Islands. Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare, Minister of Finance and Treasury Snyder Rini, Minister of Communications and Aviation Peter Shanel, CEO of SISCC Keir Preedy and President of Huawei’s South Pacific Region Wei Chengmin attended the signing ceremony in Honiara.
[Tianjin, China, Dec.21, 2016] Huawei Marine today announced that it will partner with Tele Greenland for the deployment of a 100G network along the Greenlandic Westcoast as well as a capacity upgrade of the existing Greenland Connect which connects Greenland with Iceland/Europe and North America. When completed, the new system will create a record - the world’s most northern 100G submarine network.
Ooredoo Maldives and Huawei Marine today announced the inauguration of Ooredoo’s Nationwide Submarine Cable, an important investment by Ooredoo Maldives to strengthen its networks, as part of its commitment to power a Digital Maldives. Azleen Ahmed, Home Minister of Maldives, Wang Fukang, Chinese Ambassador to Maldives and more than 200 guests attended the event.
Huawei Marine Networks Co. Ltd. (Huawei Marine), today announced that it successfully delivered the Avassa submarine cable system. This will be the 10th submarine cable project that Huawei Marine has been involved with in Africa.
Huawei Marine today announced that it has partnered with Ooredoo Maldives to deploy a Nation-wide Fiber Optic Submarine Cable, which will support the country’s broadband policy and give the Maldives the most advanced ICT infrastructure in the SAARC region.
Huawei Marine Networks Co. Ltd. (Huawei Marine), a global submarine network provider, today announced that the recently completed 14,530km system upgrade of the West African Cable System (WACS), has gone live after successfully completing a stringent customer certification and testing program.
Huawei Marine has announced today it will construct the Cameroon-Brazil Cable System (CBCS), connecting Africa to Latin America. The project is invested by CamTel and China Unicom; Telefónica will support the initiative providing its international facilities and experience.
Tata Communications, Huawei and Huawei Marine announced the successful completion of a 400G field trial on a subsea network over 6000 km. The test results demonstrated an optical transmission of 400G signals, an industry-first for a submarine cable system of this length.
Huawei Marine has partnered with Telkom Indonesia to successfully upgrade the PT Telkom 3rd route submarine cable system utilizing 100 Gbps technology featuring soft-decision forward error correction (SD-FEC).
Huawei Marine has partnered with Viatel, Portugal’s leading telecommunications engineering network supplier, to successfully complete the 685 kilometer cable Flores-Corvo Submarine Cable System construction. The completed Flores-Corvo Submarine Cable System now enables all nine islands of the Archipelago of the Azores to be interconnected with backbone connectivity into European, African and cross-Atlantic submarine cables.
Using sensors, submarine telecommunications cable to revolutionize climate change and disaster monitoring
Huawei Marine, announced the commercial operation of their second generation undersea repeater and branching unit manufacturing plant in Dongguan, China. The factory is ramping-up to full production capacity as Huawei Marine prepares for a new project in the West African region. Completed in April 2012, with an initial investment of US$9 million, the new Dongguan plant is 3,700 square meters, of which 1,600 square meters is dedicated to a world-class clean room facility, comprising Class 1,000 (1k) and Class 10,000 (10k) clean rooms to meet the most rigorous standards of particulate management and environmental control for repeater assembly and sealing.
Bahamas Telecommunications Company Huawei Marine and announced the selection of Huawei Marine to upgrade the Bahamas Domestic Submarine Network International(BDSNi). This system links more than 20 sites between Bahamas and Haiti and stretches across about 3,500 kilometers with the longest section of 343 km. Huawei Marine will enable BDSNi to deliver more flexible and cost effective services with the implementation of this upgrade capacity, providing 640 Gbps through the application of proven enhanced Raman technology.
ASSC-1 announced the development of a new Perth to Singapore submarine cable system. It will deliver a four-fibre pair cable system which will span a distance of 4,600 kilometres with an initial design capacity of 6.4 terabits per second (TBps), to be delivered through 40 gigabits per second (GBps) technology, with the capability to be upgraded to 100 GBps in the future. Huawei Marine will supply and install the ASSC-1 system.Telstra has agreed to purchase one of the 4 fibre pairs from ASSC-1’s fibre optic submarine cable and will also provide landing party services in Perth.
Axin Limited and Huawei Marine announced the finalization of a survey agreement for the trans-Tasman Optikor Network. This link set to be completed by the end of 2013, will be more than 3,000KM in length and will connect Sydney, Australia with South Island and North Island, New Zealand.
Huawei Marine announced the signing of the construction contract of Hibernia Atlantic’s Global Financial Network (GFN) Project Express, and has commenced the manufacturing of the cable and the wet plant.The system is scheduled to be ready for service during the summer of 2013 and will be a minimum of a 4-fibre pair repeatered submarine cable providing connectivity between New York and London.
•Coherent 100G transmission has been successfully completed across 5,570 km of subsea cable from Halifax, Nova Scotia to Southport, England •Since the test was successful, the companies will deploy 100 Gbps capacity across key routes in the coming year •Hibernia, Huawei, and its subsidiary Huawei Marine, have an extensive history of providing industry firsts including first 40 Gbps across the Atlantic, first 40 Gbps across a subsea span, first to offer 10 Gbps Ethernet LAN-PHY capacity across the Atlantic, and coming in 2013, the deployment of Project Express, first transatlantic build in over ten years offering the lowest latency available
Tianjin China, 28th June 2011: Huawei Marine Networks has successfully completed construction of the MATARAM-KUPANG Cable System. This system is about 1,200 km, connecting five islands off in the east of Indonesia, totally 7 landing points. MKCS system is the first submarine cable system in this region and is expected to ultimately have the potential to increase current telecom bandwidth more than thousands times what is currently available in these areas.
SUMMIT, NJ & DUBLIN, IRELAND – June 15th, 2011 – Hibernia Atlantic, the only American-owned, diverse transatlantic high bandwidth connectivity provider, announces another important milestone in its Project Express cable build; its deep-sea submarine survey is now underway. A critical step in this historic build, the submarine survey will use specialist ships to sail the exact planned route of the cable from Brean, England to Halifax, Nova Scotia, ensuring the chosen route is free of obstacles and to assess the installation techniques to be used. As the first transatlantic subsea cable build in ten years, Project Express will offer the lowest latency route from New York to London of less than 60 milliseconds. This will be the fastest, most direct route connecting the continents since the deployment of the first telegraph cables.
[Tianjin, China, 4th November 2010] Huawei Marine Networks, following the successful implementation of the SG-SCS cable system in May 2010, along with parent Global Marine Systems, is currently implementing further system expansions. The demand driven by regional growth in South America also extends out via other submarine networks to Miami, as part of a wider growth story.
[Tripoli, Libya, 28 October, 2010] Huawei Marine Networks Co. Ltd. (“Huawei Marine”) announced that it has won the bidding for Libya LITC Silphium submarine cable project and is contracting to provide the end-to-end turnkey submarine system solution.
Huawei Marine Networks, along with parent Global Marine Systems, has successfully completed construction of the Suriname Guyana Submarine Cable System. The 1,249 km SGSCS system will be the first of its kind in this region and is expected to ultimately have the potential to increase current telecom bandwidth more than 3,000 times what is currently available in these areas.
Huawei Marine Networks Co., Ltd. ("Huawei Marine") announced the successful bid for Libya LPTIC T-E submarine cable project, to provide end-end turnkey submarine system solutions.
Huawei Marine Networks Co., Ltd. ("Huawei Marine") announced today that it has successfully delivered the Hannibal submarine cable communications system for Tunisie Telecom.
Huawei Marine Networks Co., Ltd. ("Huawei Marine") today announced that it signed a turnkey contract with PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia Tbk. ("PT Telkom") for the "Mataram-Kupang" submarine cable system ("MKCS"). This system connects five islands off in the east of Indonesia and stretches about 1,200 km with an initial capacity of 4 × 10 Gbit/s. The project is scheduled to be completed at the end of 2010.
Huawei Technologies ('Huawei' ), a leader in providing next-generation telecommunications network solutions for operators around the world, today launched its new joint venture company 'Huawei Marine Networks' with its JV partner Global Marine Systems Limited ("Global Marine"). Huawei Marine starts business from today following an unveiling ceremony this afternoon in Tianjin, China.
A new entrant in the submarine telecommunications market has been created with the announcement today that Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. ("Huawei"), a leader in providing next generation telecommunications network solutions for operators around the world and Global Marine Systems Limited have committed to launching Huawei Submarine Networks Ltd (Huawei Submarine.) A signing ceremony held this week in London commits both companies to launch the entity in early 2008. Huawei Submarine is the culmination of the Memorandum of Understanding signed by both parties in March 2007.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. ("Huawei"), a leader in providing next generation telecommunications network solutions for operators around the world, and Global Marine Systems Limited ("Global Marine"), the independent market-leading subsea cable installation and maintenance company, today announced they have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the intent to establish a joint venture (JV) to deliver end-to-end competitive submarine network solutions to reliably deliver highly advanced global communication capabilities. The JV commits itself to become the leader in providing submarine solution and services globally.